When should you consider a recruitment partner

  • 30/10/2017
  • 07:00
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It seems that when the term ‘managed service’ or ‘recruitment partner’ is thrown about it conjures up thoughts of complicated processes and experience with vendor management systems, onsite account managers and large volumes of requirements to justify this solution.

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The reality of working with Spring Technology, thankfully, is very different. Working with a recruitment partner doesn’t have to be a big step. You can engage with a recruitment partner for a single project, a specific location, just contract/ just permanent recruitment or the whole hog. As the demand for talent and the competition to secure it heats up, we are being approached regularly for more innovative solutions to an age-old problem.

Here are some of the most common problems our clients come to us with, which we consider are best tackled with a recruitment partnership:

You are embarking on a new project

Whether you are undergoing digital transformation, launching a new product or refreshing what you already have, a new project often needs an entirely new workforce with a range of skills as quickly as possible. As your recruitment partner, we will work with you to scope out your requirements, understand your company culture and priorities to raise your profile within the appropriate markets and find the skills you need. We have a lot of experience in rapid expansions and have a few tricks up our sleeves to ensure your hiring managers stay on-track, whist not distracting them from their daily responsibilities.

You aren’t getting the traction you need

This is a problem commonly faced within higher education and the public sector and one we are practiced in overcoming. You might be a start-up, have a bad reputation or aren’t able to offer market rates for the skills you need; by engaging with Spring Technology, we will develop an attraction campaign which targets candidates through multiple channels. By developing your profile, this will attract the right people into your organisation and ensure the interview stage brings strong candidates.

You need to do more with less

This is a challenge that is faced by the NHS, public sector and third sector an increasing amount. More and more organisations are feeling the pinch of austerity but have the same demands for industry leading systems, therefore many are turning to Spring Technology for a cost-efficient solution. We work with clients to reduce their overall spend through careful planning, effective processes and margin controls. Our size and foothold within these sectors mean we are almost completely self-sufficient, enabling us to keep margins low and negate any hidden charges.

You are in a challenging location

Whether you are surrounded by skills competitors or you felt the Scottish Highlands were the right place for you, you still need access to the skills that fuel your business. The value that Spring Technology brings to overcome this challenge is that we have a strong network of candidates from all over the UK that has been built and constantly updated over the last 30 years. We will build talent pipelines specific to your requirements and continually aggregate them to ensure they are a reliable source of skills you need. Should the ideal candidate not be available, we will always seek to offer you an alternative. That could mean offering training to your local talent, or even opening up our search on an international scale, we will explore every avenue we have available.

For more information on choosing Spring Technology as your trusted recruitment partner, please contact Clare Wrench: Clare.Wrench@adecco.com