Spring Tech Talks GDPR at IT Leadership Forum 2017

  • Hannah Kemshell
  • 27/07/2017
  • 07:00
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On Tuesday 18th July Spring Technology hosted their first IT Leadership Forum in Edinburgh.

We had attendees from across a range of sectors and industries from banks to app developers to business supplies. The looming introduction of the GDPR will affect all businesses and the ever increasing number and danger of cyber-attacks means the threat is only mounting. At this time, we wanted to facilitate a space where business leaders could come together with experts to build a better understanding of the working environment that we are all moving into.

Delegates heard from three prominent people currently working within IT in Scotland. Whilst the subject was focused, Rob MacGregor, Cyber Threat Detection & Response at PwC, Keith McDevitt, Cyber Integrator at the Scottish Government and Dr Jamie Graves, the CEO of Zonefox, all introduced different angles to view the topic. We heard of the government’s strategic approach, what businesses need to be aware of moving forward and crisis management when there is a breach. It’s eye-opening to see how many layers of a business you must protect and how many angles an intruder could target.

PwC’s 20th CEO survey found that 97% of those questioned believe cyber security to be their second biggest threat, which shows just how crucial an issue this now is. The introduction of the GDPR from May 2018 emphasises further how seriously the governments and the EU are taking information security. Ian Storey, Director of Spring Technology, was in attendance and underlined that “Spring Technology is committed to supporting their clients around GDPR. As a trusted advisor, Spring Technology endeavours to provide their clients with expert skills and access to strong partnerships with key specialists across IT.”

Delegates have already been quick to praise the forum for the “interesting content” and “the quality of the speakers”. Ian continued “It’s important that the partnership network that we build is diverse and wide-ranging to ensure that we cover as many aspects of information security as possible to enable a 360-degree view of the situation from which to work with our clients.”

The IT Leadership Forum is not the only event that we host. Spring Technology hosts smaller events on a more regular basis in Edinburgh and Glasgow to enable greater conversations between our clients and our network. It’s a great opportunity to share findings and best-practices, but also to network with peers. If you would like to hear more about the content that was shared or would like to attend our next event, please get in contact with Hannah Kemshell: hannah.kemshell@adeccogroup.com