The Employed Consultant Model

The employed consultant model (ECM) allows candidates to combine the benefits and stability of being a permanent employee with the flexibility of being able to work and gain experience in many organisations. At the same time, it offers genuine cost savings to our clients.

Spring Technology created its ECM solution in the 1990s. We currently have agreements in place with a number of global banking and financial services institutions as well as with aviation, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and utilities businesses. Spring Technology supplies employed consultants throughout the UK, either as part of a managed service agreement or to support long-term assignments and projects that span anything from six months to ten years.


Why Spring Technology: 

  • The average employed consultant delivers a 10-15% cost reduction compared with a traditional contractor or consultancy resource.
  • ECM provides a scalable, hassle-free solution with the ability to flex up or scale down resources in line with the demands of the business.
  • The model ensures stability of service and knowledge transfer due to the existence of a dedicated team of HR, training and development professionals.
  • It mitigates co-employment and tenure risks associated with using traditional contractor resources.