LinkedIn – Eight tips to enhance your career in less than eight minutes

  • 05/10/2018
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Boost your career by making the most of your professional network. Then visit LinkedIn to make the changes straightaway.

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LinkedIn Top Tips

How can you make LinkedIn work harder for you? Simply spend eight minutes or less improving your personal profile on this powerful social media platform by following the simple tips below:

LinkedIn tip #1 – Add job details to your profile

It is not enough to just list the job titles that you had in previous roles. Including descriptions of roles, responsibilities and accomplishments will dramatically improve your appearance in search results, as well as present a more complete picture of who you are.

LinkedIn tip #2 – Choose your vanity URL

Your vanity URL is: Add it to your business card, website, email signature, etc.

LinkedIn tip #3 – Write a blog or comment on someone else’s blog

Writing a blog is a great way to showcase your expertise on an industry topic and to raise your profile among your industry peers. Alternatively, you could comment on the blogs that other people post.

LinkedIn tip #4 – Read news about your company

Make sure that you read two or three things about your company or industry sector every day. Keeping informed on the latest news will greatly enhance your credibility.

LinkedIn tip #5 – Add education details to your profile

Finding opportunities and researching your market is a lot easier when your peers from school and university can find you.

LinkedIn tip #6 – Import your address book

Within seconds you can see who in your address book is already on LinkedIn and connect with them.

LinkedIntip #7 – Install the Outlook toolbar

The Outlook toolbar allows you to effortlessly manage your network. Get suggestions on who to invite, based on email frequency. Use it to send one-click invitations and update your Outlook contacts, and much more.

LinkedIn tip #8 – Enable your public profile

By enabling your public profile, you place your LinkedIn profile in web search results. This means that your professional image is presented to the world.

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