IoT is Taking Scotland by Storm

  • Rebecca Hastings
  • 25/05/2017
  • 07:00
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Over the last four years the Internet of Things (IoT) has risen in prominence.  More connected consumer devices have become available and businesses are buying into the benefits and potential of this technology.

Demand for skills in the sector is high

A diverse range of technology jobs are being created within the sector; software engineers, hardware engineers, data scientists, security experts, technicians, analysts and project managers are in demand.  And, when it comes to desirable sectors for candidates to work in, jobs relating to the IoT are very attractive. 

The further demand for candidates in areas such as data science and software engineering is making businesses consider their employer value propositions and highlighting IoT projects within their own company.  For example, mobile developers may be more interested in creating apps relating to the IoT than other areas.  Candidates enjoy the prospect of their work having a positive impact on society and are invested in creating products that solve real world problems.

IoT is a Hotbed of Innovation

In Scotland, we have strong innovation in this area across the higher education, private and public sectors.  Edinburgh University is one of the top universities in Europe for Artificial Intelligence plus both Edinburgh University and Glasgow University are using IoT tech to enhance their campus upgrades. The Scottish Government launched CivTech to support SMEs and has a number of challenges where the solutions may be found using the IoT.  River Track won a challenge to improve flood forecasting and their network of sensors is being deployed and tested throughout Scotland.  Opportunity is everywhere.

Within the private sector companies such as Stream Technologies, Intelligent Plant, Neatebox, NetThings, snap40 and many more are delivering products and services in this space.  With the applications covering everything from helping to empower the visually impaired or operating street lighting more efficiently, the potential across the IoT industry is endless. 

What can we do for you?

The demand for candidates in this area is high and skills are transferable. We can help if you are looking to further your career and work in one of the fastest growing industries, or if you are looking for skilled candidates; contact Rebecca Hastings.
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