How to get the most from your recruitment partner

  • 06/11/2017
  • 07:00
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In the increasingly competitive candidate-led IT market, you might think that casting your net far and wide by engaging with multiple agencies is the best way to attract talent. Old proverbs may say that there is safety in numbers, in this recruitment market, the reality can be quite the opposite. 

As the demand for technology skills increases, it becomes increasingly challenging to secure the perfect candidate. Whilst working with many agencies may result in more CV’s through the door, are they the best fit for the job and will numerous agencies be able to persuade them that your company is their best fit?

Spring Technology will be your recruitment partner; we work to develop a true understanding of your business to create a unique relationship where we can embed our services exactly where they are needed to add value on a long-term basis. So how do you know if your recruitment partner is the one for you?

Check how well your agencies know your business

The length of a relationship doesn't always mean an agency understands your culture, your priorities, your business. A true recruitment partner becomes an extension of your company; equally invested in finding the right skills and personality to fit the role; the partner will share pride in your success. When a candidate is weighing up their options, we know it's the passion and commitment to your brand which will edge you ahead of the competition in the mind of a potential candidate.

What is your EVP?

EVP, employer value proposition, is not a new concept and it should be top of the list for a top recruitment partner. Your recruitment partner will work to understand your EVP and importantly, assess whether it’s competitive within your market. Through comprehensive and objective market analysis of your industry competitors, as well as geographical competitors, they will ensure you are best placed to attract new talent. EVP echoes throughout candidate communications and a recruitment partner must become your brand ambassadors.

Do they investigate all your markets?

You know your industry competitors and will be aware of their recruitment process, but do you know who your skills competitors are? If you are outside a metropolitan hub, it’s likely that you are in hot competition for those vital niche skills.

A recruitment partner will work with your hiring community to build a detailed skills map. This will be updated continuously as the partner gathers information behind the scenes through research into the content of your local candidate pool and identifying skills gaps. This proactive approach, successfully plugs skills gaps through talent pipelining before it has chance to impact your workforce.

Do you and your partner know your reputation?

You may love your brand but do your potential candidates feel the same? The world of IT is a close-knit community and word spreads quickly. If your business goes through a period of increased attrition, this news is likely to spread. Our research and experience tells us that negative candidate experiences such as poor interview techniques, inaccurate job descriptions and little or no feedback can have a butterfly effect that affects your local candidate population.

Your recruitment partner acts as your eyes and ears within the candidate market in order to feed back on your reputation as a hiring business. Through assessing your candidate journey, coaching your hiring community and amending your recruitment process, your partnership will positively impact your reputation within the candidate market.

Support your hiring community

Getting a job specification wrong in terms of skills requirement, responsibility levels or salary can be a costly mistake. By working with a recruitment partner, you are working with just that, a partner who understands your needs whilst understanding the recruitment market. Poorly constructed role descriptions and the need to re-approach the candidate market can be damaging for your reputation. Recruitment partners are a key ally on the interview panel as they keep your hiring community’s expectations realistic and will orchestrate constructive feedback. The right recruitment partner understands the hiring community and knows how to secure the skills you need.

If you are thinking of changing your recruitment partner, or if you think it's time you introduced a recruitment partner, please contact Clare Wrench: