Graduate Level Apprenticeships at the University of Dundee

  • Samantha Leeman
  • 10/07/2017
  • 07:00
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Until now if you wanted to start a career in tech you have had a few options: Go to university full or part-time, become an apprentice or take on a trainee role and work your way up.

All of these options have some obvious obstacles; to pursue a Degree you would most likely have to leave your current employer; financially not everyone can afford to fund themselves through university (taking into account household bills and other living costs). Typical Apprenticeship schemes are aimed at school leavers making them less accessible for people looking for career changes. If you take on a trainee role to work your way up, you are heavily reliant on the organisation you are working for to support your development with relevant work, training and qualifications.

If you then throw in a few more obstacles like; you left school with only a handful of qualifications and have worked full time since then, or you are looking to return to work after a career break; or you work in a company you love but would like to develop your career path with the business in a different direction, the prospect of forging a career in technology may seem unobtainable.

From an employer perspective there are significant challenges in  attracting a diverse range of employees, retaining people for the long term or even just standing out from the crowd in terms of the commitment, training and development. Time and significant effort is required to achieve these goals and they have to be achieved concurrently with day-to-day business operations and objectives, within budget constraints.

Well there is some good news; a graduate level apprenticeship could be the answer for you.

Graduate Level Apprenticeships are a new type of degree being offered this year by the University of Dundee. These are BSc Hons degrees which use work based learning. These are a new and innovative  way for people to study for a degree, who are currently in employment, at any stage of their career.

There are two IT courses available; IT Business Management BSc Hons and IT Software Development BSc Hons. The course is delivered one day a week at University of Dundee (Monday) and you are able to work the other four days a week. You will be awarded a BSc Hons degree after completing the course and it will still only take you 4 years, the same time as anyone else who goes to university full time. The courses are designed by industry, for industry – so you can be confident that what you learn is relevant. Instead of thinking about how things might happen in the real world, you'll be putting your learning into practice right away, consolidating the learning you gain from your Degree. You'll solve problems on real projects in the business you are working in.

If you are a business this is a fantastic way to support the development of your employees and improve things like attraction, retention, engagement, productivity and help you reduce a skills shortage; if this is something you are experiencing.

Best of all, these degree courses are fully funded, so they won’t cost you as an employer, or as a student anything. Spring Technology are working in partnership with University of Dundee to promote these courses to employers. 

Please contact Samantha to find out more and you will then be connected with the person best placed to help you at University of Dundee.


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