GDPR in Leeds with Spring Tech

  • Nicole Mikulla
  • 13/09/2017
  • 07:00
  • Recruitment
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On Tuesday 7th November Spring Technology hosted their first GDPR Forum in Leeds.

With the GDPR coming into effect in just 6 months’ time, businesses are making the regulation a priority. Our forum had attendees from a full range of sectors and industries, like utilities & energy, supermarkets, universities, betting and more; showing just how wide-ranging this legislation will be. It’s important for Spring Technology to ensure that our clients and local business network can come together to discuss key issues and regulations to build understanding and knowledge.

If you attended, you heard from four influential people who are ensuring GDPR and IT security are high on the agenda within their business, and others too. Rob MacGregor, Cyber Threat Detection & Response at PwC, Mark Evans, Head of Security at RLB, Matt Little, CTO of Zonefox and Tayo Dada, MD of Managed IT Services ensured the event covered all angles, from where a business needs to look for threats, to how a company responds to a breach, to building the right team to benefit from the GDPR. Considering the press that has surrounded the GDPR, it was a surprise to see such a positive viewpoint showcasing how a business can benefit from such regulations.

Ian Storey, Director of Spring Technology, chaired the event and was keen to stress that “Whilst Spring Technology are not the GDPR experts, we have a strong network of professionals in the field that we ensure will work with our clients to help to protect their interests and businesses.” Our network will enable our clients to build the tools and knowledge they need to produce successful GDPR procedures within their teams and organisations. Success doesn’t just rest on one department, it needs the full cooperation from the business.

Ian continued “It’s important that the partnership network that we build is diverse and wide-ranging to ensure that we cover as many aspects of information security and GDPR as possible to enable a 360-degree view of the situation.” Delegates were eager to question our speakers even after the event ended proving the value of our connections to key specialists across IT and IT security.

The GDPR Forum is not the only event that we host. Spring Technology will be hosting smaller events in the future in Leeds to enable greater conversations between our clients and our network. It’s a great opportunity to share findings and best-practices, but also to network with peers. If you would like to hear more about the content that was shared or would like to attend our next event, please get in contact with Nicole Mikulla: