Keep calm and carry on – how our Italian colleagues keep business functioning through the corona virus (Covid-19)

  • 16/03/2020
  • 10:04
  • Client

The first ever personnel placement office in Europe, founded in Switzerland, was inspired by a flu epidemic that broke out in 1957. This caused an emergency shortage of personnel in many companies. In 1996, this company joined the Adecco Group family. Today we continue to look at ways to support our clients and partners through turbulent times.

We are a global family with 5,000 branches, across 60 countries and around 33,000 permanent employees. Working together, we can learn from the parts of our business who are already in the heart of these changes and ensure we have the structures, services and solutions in place to care for our own employees and help our partners thrive. Insight into how our Italian territory is supporting BAU offers valuable experience as large parts of Europe, including the UK, look at our next steps.

How have our Italian colleagues kept recruiting?

A combination of technology, equipment, internal functions, behaviours and processes have meant that our colleagues have found ways to deliver services despite the severe restrictions on physical movement that are in place across Italy.

All of the Adecco Group’s systems and applications are in the cloud ensuring both geographical and virtual scalability. It is normal for our employees to be able to work from wherever they need to, which has supported the delivery of remote services. This has at least managed to minimise some of the effects of the restrictions in place.

Recruiting & assessment

Worldwide investment in our own technology and partnerships with leading providers means we have access to some of the best remote interview, recording and screening systems. This again has proven very helpful for our Italian colleagues.

  • The selection activities and the interviews with our candidates are managed, shared and commented through an innovative video-interview and assessment system, which allows us to overcome the need for the presence of the candidate in a physical space.
  • We all have the services to administer online tests and assessments remotely for all profile searches and share results remotely.
  • We have specialised centralised recruiting centres capable of operating without any contact with the public.
  • Access to our internal database of candidates is via the cloud and all consultants can remotely access our third party databases to search or advertise.

Training & induction area

Our cloud-based learning platforms have also enabled remote training, on boarding and induction service. Our colleagues in Italy recognised the importance of supporting candidates who are in the midst of the process, ensuring they feel secure and positive about making changes in uncertain times. We can also make different e-learning cloud platforms available for training, on boarding and inductions. Flexing the solutions to meet need.

Sales & CRM area

Many of our professionals work globally and continue to establish connections with customers and partners throughout online platforms. We can use these systems to support the exchange of documents, information, schedule video calls or virtual meetings.

Finance & admin area

Again our global investment in technology has meant that we are equipped with an Advanced Electronic Signature system which makes signing documents fast and remote.

We also have online portals for timesheet submissions and authorisations enabling the full workflow without the need to be onsite.

The pay-roll system for indirect staff (temporary workers) is entirely managed by internal staff. This means that we can continue to support our client’s workforce end to end without a physical presence.

We invest in safety…

A crisis management committee has been activated for some weeks, both at central and local level which, since 21st February, is updated daily and is timely in the adoption of the measures.

The Health and Safety team is always available, with the entire Crisis Committee, for any need regarding the on going emergency.

Uncertain times create the need to use systems to their maximum and explore new ways to work.

The final statement of our Italian colleagues, as they share this insight globally is "We are there - For our partners, our candidates and the over 40,000 people who work with us every day."