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  • Closing the gender gap for women in STEM

    Only 25% of all jobs in STEM industries in the UK are held by women. We examine the issue & how STEM organisations can close the gender gap.

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    • 18/11/2020
    • 05:42
  • Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050; the impact of COVID-19 on the UK targets

    80 days after the UK’s entered its first lockdown in March 2020 we saw a 30% reduction in the country’s daily CO2 emissions. This equals an annual drop of 11% compared to before the lockdown.

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    • 30/10/2020
    • 18:06
  • Emerging e-learning technologies in higher education

    The 4th Industrial Revolution is blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds as it continues to transform the education sector. Areas of current growth give us an indication of future trends.

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    • 21/09/2020
    • 13:23
  • Online learning: From disruption to transformation

    Many transformations have arisen from the disruption of the higher education sector due to the pandemic. At 20%, the size of the UK’s foreign student body is second only to the U.S., and COVID-19 has had a huge impact on its university registrations.

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    • 18/09/2020
    • 04:28
  • The rise of online learning during the pandemic

    The priorities for education institutions have changed drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Namely, from on-campus education to online alternatives. Not only has the educational environment continued to evolve during this period, but it has also embraced a range of new technologies which are countering the global skills gap.

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    • 16/09/2020
    • 11:22
  • Enhancing Agile processes to work in a remote environment: Part 2

    Whilst the Agile framework has been used in the software industry for many years, it continues to grow in popularity across multiple sectors due to its proven results.

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    • 31/07/2020
    • 19:03
  • Agile: Adapting project management processes for remote teams | Part 1

    Whilst the Agile framework has been used in the software industry for many years, it continues to grow in popularity across multiple sectors due to its proven results.

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    • 31/07/2020
    • 18:55
  • 10 things you’ll see in the post-COVID-19 workplace

    COVID-19 is significantly impacting the office workspace - how they are used and accessed is already changing, from the use of hand sanitiser at the entrance to arrows directing the flow of people around the buildings.

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    • 24/07/2020
    • 14:19
  • Building manufacturing resilience through digitalisation

    Have you heard of ‘lights-out manufacturing’? This refers to a factory that operates autonomously and requires no human workers. The name comes from the fact they don’t require lighting – or in most cases heating or air conditioning – and can function in the dark.

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    • 21/07/2020
    • 06:30
  • 7 tips for running a successful virtual meeting

    The future holds more remote working and video calls than ever before
    Even before the emergence of COVID-19, there was a growing need to include remote participants in meetings. Statistics from December 2019 suggested that half of all meetings already included a virtual element. This trend has rapidly accelerated with the impact of the pandemic. On March 31st, 2020, MS Teams recorded 2.7 billion meeting minutes, an increase of 200% from March 16th, clearly demonstrating the new reliance on video technology and virtual meetings required during lockdown.

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    • 13/07/2020
    • 06:58
  • Future-proofing supply chains via localisation and visibility

    The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to change the world of work, impacting the way we communicate and manage businesses, globally. As parts of the world move past peak phases, a refocus on supply chain efficiency is underway.

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    • 19/06/2020
    • 10:28
  • The engineering skills gap: in-demand skills to hire for

    When some people think of engineering, the ‘hard hat’ stereotype comes to mind. In reality, engineering is far more than that - it's a hugely diverse field and is involved in almost every aspect of our lives.

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    • 24/04/2020
    • 11:02
  • Making a career change from oil and gas to renewable energy

    The global movement towards clean energy sources makes renewables an exciting sector to work in, and with the turmoil in oil prices affecting job security and prospects for workers in the oil and gas industry, many engineers are looking to move into the renewable energy sector.

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    • 14/04/2020
    • 13:05