Workforce Solutions

As part of the Adecco Group, we are able to deliver a full range of complex workforce solutions. With every organisation we commit to operating with full transparency from the beginning, working with you at every stage to achieve the best outcomes and adapting to your changing business demands. To learn more about our services, contact us.
  • Full contractor management and payroll services – Complex, highly regulated and the backbone to the provision of your business- critical resource, we are skilled at managing large volumes of contractor pools wherever they are in the world. By offering a secure service with the support of our in-house legal expertise and bespoke systems, we remove the administrative burden of payroll, manage the headcount while ensuring processes are full compliant.
  • Skills programmes – Specialising in today’s most in-demand skills, our in-house experts are global leaders in training, staffing and career transformation. We believe that continuous learning and development is the key to your future workforce and can work with you to provide a single point of access to these services.
  • We meet your graduate recruitment needs in partnership with our Next Generation offering. We can support the recruitment of school leavers, apprentices, interns, graduate recruitment and talent management services across both permanent and contingent. This is a full service offering from benchmarking, attraction, assessment, training, communication, engagement, onboarding and onwards.
  • The Next-Gen Academy – When youth meets world class training! This collaboration enables you to secure a pipeline of technical talent on a contingent, flexible basis — with training to the highest standards. Please contact us to find out more about the courses we offer.
  • We can support the delivery of the Adecco Group’s Partnership proposition - Delivering results-driven IT and project support services to help your organisation focus on achieving your goals. Our services are scalable to fit your demands and include, Consultancy, Managed Projects, Managed Solutions and Managed Services.
  • Background checks & vetting – Supported by market leading technical solutions, we offer a robust, standalone checking service. Due to our enhanced onboarding solution, we have the capability to securely screen candidates while improving the employee experience. We have built our reputation delivering to leading organisations across highly regulated industries, becoming a leading provider for the finance sector.
  • Candidate assessments, tailored assessment and testing services - We offer over 500 technical and ability assessments which measure a wide range of IT knowledge, critical reasoning and problem-solving skills - from numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension, arithmetic, detail accuracy to mechanical reasoning, and more. Through our dedicated testing specialist we can deliver unique testing suites and benchmarking of skills.
  • Career transition and workforce transformation - Whether you need to transform an entire workforce, improve the effectiveness of leaders or teams, or simply help one person succeed or transition in their career, we can help. Service offerings include workforce transformation, career transition and outplacement, and talent and leadership development and consultancy.
  • New ways to connect to your audience – Our innovative technical solutions can support anything from large-scale recruitment and screening campaigns to niche executive sourcing. We work with you to develop market leading technical solutions, simultaneously building your workforce and enhancing your brand.
  • Supporting your Diversity and Inclusion agendas – We understand the value of diversity and inclusion (D&I), supporting you with a range of options, events and projects to challenge and overcome recruitment barriers. Our dedicated D&I specialists can help you to explore new opportunities and overcome the biggest, most complex diversity issues that your organisation is facing.