Thought Leadership & Market Insight

As part of the Adecco Group, ‘Thought Leadership’ is a key part of our services.

  • IR35 Having worked with our Public Sector clients since 2017, we have gained valuable knowledge of IR35. We provide support through market leading reports, events and sharing best practice. As the part of the leading provider of people and staffing solutions in the UK, we also work closely with HMRC. To keep in touch and find out about future events, contact us.
  • Women in IT - We have been part of the dialogue and a voice for change around this subject for many years. Our ‘Women in Technology’ report explores the reasons behind the gender imbalance, provides valuable insight into significant industry trends and offers advice from leading industry experts.
  • Global Talent Competitive Index (GTCI) - Launched for the first time in 2013, the GTCI is a report produced on an annual basis by the Adecco Group. The Index lists countries in terms of ‘talent competitiveness’ according to a range of variables. It’s a great resource for understanding the global picture.
  • Managing Talent Through Change Looking to understand how you can help secure your workforce in a time of both economic and legislative change? 
  • Brexit  Leading the way in supporting businesses through this time of uncertainty, the Adecco Group offers a range of resources ensuring continuous support. 
  • Market Insight and analysis – Need to know more about the current market place? Want to benchmark new jobs? Looking to understand why changes have occurred? Need to know if the skills you need are where you need them? We have access to market leading reports and our own insights team. Contact us to find out more.
  • Neurodiversity – A subject we are passionate about. Approximately 15% of the population is considered neurodiverse and within this are varied and rich seams of talent. Understanding how to approach, screen and include is key to accessing this frequently ignored source of skills. Building diverse teams allows scope for innovation and creates a better work and recruitment process for everyone, Download our whitepaper or follow us on Linkedin to find out more.