Public Sector 

Spring Technology public sector division is a leading provider of contract and permanent staff to the public sector. It is uniquely positioned to offer expert sector-specific knowledge on all professional staffing requirements throughout the UK. 

Thanks to our dedicated and professional staff, solid infrastructure and substantial investment, we can offer a range of services from contingent placement to managed service provider (MSP) and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) resource solutions. Spring Technology is playing an ever-greater role in helping the government meet the challenges of sourcing high-calibre candidates while offering value for money and opportunities to make cost savings. 

Why Spring Technology?

  • We have 500,000 candidates with public-sector experience.
  • We are a leading public-sector managed service provider.
  • We are a specialist professional staffing provider.
  • We have expertise in cost optimisation.

Central Government

Due to the scrutiny that central government receives, recruitment in the sector can be complex and sometimes very sensitive. While the landscape of central government may change depending on the policy and political agenda of the day, one factor remains constant: the need for high-quality resource.

Spring Technology has worked with central government for over 20 years so we have an extensive database of candidates who possess existing Security Clearance (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV). We also have the ability to check clearance levels and clear candidates for assignment.

Our specialist central government recruiters have an in-depth understanding of their market and many years of experience in finding exceptional resource. They have met a range of client requirements across this broad sector.
Spring Technology is a GCloud-approved supplier. 

Scottish Government 

Spring Technology is one of three suppliers appointed by the Scottish Ministers acting through the Scottish Government and framework public bodies in Scotland. We provide interim IT and technology staff nationally throughout Scotland’s public sector. 

Our public-sector client portfolio covers the NHS, local authorities, higher education, central government, public-private companies, emergency services, charities, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament. With an Edinburgh-based delivery team, we have a network of 13 offices throughout Scotland that provides IT support and infrastructure staff, developers, testers, business analysts, project managers, programme directors and digital specialists.

Framework Reference Number SP-13-23


Spring Technology is a trusted partner of the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) framework.

We have been supplying the Non-Medical Non-Clinical (NMNC) framework since 2010 and we currently supply All Lots (2-8).

We have a UK-wide NHS delivery team that has over 125 years’ combined experience of working with NHS and healthcare organisations. 

Spring Technology works with over 80 NHS trusts throughout the UK.

Our average length of service of working with a client is over seven years.

Spring Technology is a NMNC framework supplier across all Lots (Ref: RM971). It is also an NHS SBS

Higher Education

Times are changing in the higher education sector. Universities are becoming more student/customer-focused so there is a real push to provide essential services of the highest standard. IT services departments supply some of the most crucial services to students. 

Spring Technology has a team dedicated solely to the higher education sector. As a result, we can provide high-calibre candidates to ensure that the day-to-day running of IT services runs smoothly, from business as usual through to project work.

Its unique knowledge of the higher education sector means that Spring Technology is able to offer a comprehensive service and a full understanding of how the sector works.

Spring Technology, which is part of the Adecco group, is ranked top of Lot 4 of the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) framework. It has also been part of a number of other government frameworks for a number of years

SUPC framework Lot 4 supplier PFB4026 SU. 

MOD and Defence

Spring Technology has an impressive tradition as a provider of contract and permanent staffing for both UK and international defence organisations. Our clients include the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and many of the major defence consultancy contractors. We have developed an extremely vigorous approach to recruiting into these sectors, supporting the most complex requirements across all defence platforms. 

Our experienced and dedicated team in this market fully understands the levels of security clearance required for specific projects (Baseline Personnel Security Standard, Counter Terrorist Check, Security Clearance and Developed Vetting). It has the ability to check and vet candidates. Our team is constantly adding to our large talent pools of specialist candidates with defence experience, allowing us to respond quickly to our clients’ staffing demands.