Contract Recruitment

When the need arises for additional headcount, contract resource is often the first port of call. Hiring a contractor enables you to boost your workforce without committing to long-term employment. Spring Technology gives you access to the widest range of IT and telecommunications talent – people who are often the driving force behind business-critical projects during times of high demand.

Contractors offer organisations many benefits including a flexible and scalable workforce and access to a wide range of skills. Spring Technology delivers single contractors, project teams and high-volume resource solutions depending on our clients' needs. Our contractors and clients benefit from an industry-leading online timesheet and invoice management system offering a personalised and hassle-free service. Contractors working with Spring Technology enjoy a varied range of challenging and rewarding assignments.

As an established leader in contract recruitment, Spring Technology has thousands of highly skilled professionals working daily on cutting-edge projects and for blue-chip clients.

The UK’s IT and telecommunications skills shortage is growing. To make sure your business has the right talent to compete effectively you need a recruitment partner that:

  • understands the market;
  • has access to the very best contractors;
  • Has the scale and infrastructure to deliver quickly and efficiently across the whole spectrum of IT and telecommunications.
Our specialist recruitment consultants focus on specific IT and telecommunication roles, which affords us an in-depth technical appreciation of our clients’ requirements and the professionals we represent. By combining these specialists with a dedicated account manager who has overarching industry expertise, we are able to attract, assess and retain the very best candidates for our clients.

The Spring Technology contractor delivery model gives you access to the widest range of IT and telecommunications talent to help you drive your organisation forward. We will partner with you throughout the tenure of the contract to ensure effective and seamless delivery, supported by a robust referencing and governance process.

Why Spring Technology?

  • We work with you to understand your organisation, culture and brand value proposition. 
  • We are true IT and telecommunications specialists.
  • We offer high-volume and niche-skill delivery models.
  • We have industry-aligned account managers.
  • We have regional presence.
  • Our recruitment plans drive performance and accountability.
  • We offer multifaceted sourcing strategies combining traditional, online and social sourcing.
  • We have a thorough screening and assessment process that includes psychometric and technical testing.
  • Our industry-leading contractor timesheet portal is convenient and secure.
  • We have a full compliance, reference-checking and onboarding process.
  • We are committed to ongoing client and contractor care and satisfaction measurements.
  • We have a robust contractor exit process, including detailed referencing and exit interviews. 
  • We carry out quarterly surveys and we provide market intelligence and thought leadership.

Employer branded microsites

Our employer branded microsite solutions aims to attract quality, targeted candidates for long and short-term recruitment campaigns. The micrsosites are particularly attractive to clients who are looking to source in-demand candidates.

We recognise that both active and passive candidates require as much detail about the employer as possible if they are to consider moving on. The microsites are employer branded with dedicated pages about the company; including content, videos, additional pages such as clearance process (customised to the employers’ preference) and a live job feed. 

We are currently working with clients who are using the microsites for short and long-term recruitment campaigns, to showcase their organisation as an employer of choice. 

Benefits include: 

  • Customised recruitment microsite
  • Jobs featured on the homepage 
  • We practice utilise best practice SEO across all of our microsites 
  • We share the microsites on our popular social media channels targeted at IT professional 

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