Global security giant Integralis was struggling to find the right calibre of contracting professionals to meet its on-going business needs in its UK and German offices. This lack of resources was threatening to impact the redevelopment of the company’s primary software product. So it engaged Spring Technology to identify and shortlist suitable candidates within a very tight timeframe.

Due to the complexity of the skills required, it was essential to identify professionals with a broad mixture of customer-facing and technical skills who were able to fully commit to the contract.

Fast turnaround

Spring Technology successfully sourced seven consultants with the relevant niche experience and skills and they were all on site by the end of the week. As a result of this fast turnaround, Integralis’ redevelopment project was delivered to agreed standards and without delays.

Owing to the successful outcome of these placements, Spring Technology has become one of the technology group’s key staffing suppliers.